What to avoid during an interview?

What to avoid during an interview?

Not punctual

If you are not punctual in the interview you may lose your opportunity and trust. If the trust is broken in a first meet then it will last forever and will create a bad impression for you. No one likes a latecomer.  It will definitely affect your growth in that company. Most importantly you will miss out on the opening instructions given by the interviewer. Even if you come too early for an interview then it can bother a hiring manager. It is important to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier to get any security checkups in reception. Always keep in mind that the first impression is the best impression.

Bad appearance

For an interview wearing a dress that fits you will give a good impression about you to interviewers. Most of the people wear a dress that is wrinkled, stained and crumpled which will give a bad impression to the interviewer. Make sure the dress you wear fits you and shows that you want this job with your body language. Don’t forget to wear good footwear because when you enter the interview room first they check your body language then their eyes go down to look at your shoes. Don’t wear any fashionable shirts or t-shirts that are printed with violent words in it. Choose your dress like a professional to give them the impression that you are perfect for the job.

Not bringing your resume

Yes! You read it right. In some companies hiring manager would be ready with your resume but most of the companies will not have your resume with them. They will simply ask you to give them your resume on the spot; if you do not carry one with you at that time you would be in trouble. Always carry your resume to an interview and prepare extra copies in case you have unexpected interviews on the same day.

Low energy

If you go for an interview then you have to display that you are brimming with positive energy which is what your recruiters would be expecting. If you display any dull or weak postures then they will take it as a sign that you are ready for the job. Few signs of low energy: lack of eye contact, fuzzy response to questions, dull face, and improper dress code. 


Do not go to an interview without preparing for it, trust me you will regret it for the end of times unless you are so confident about it. Recruiters mostly start with the basic fundamental questions like your background, skills, and interest in the company. Then they might ask you about their company’s manufacturing products or something related to their company; if you are unprepared you will surely have a hard time thinking about what to tell them. Research about the projects that are currently active in the company. Collect as much information as possible and prepare for your interview, your knowledge will be your best friend in need during your interview.

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