Things not to do at work

Things not to do at work


Always check your emotions is calm otherwise you will get in trouble with your work. If you have a bad day then don’t show that anger towards your workers or your subordinates. You can get nasty calls or something might have happened in your personal life that affects your mood; however, do not show those emotions towards your work. Keep your relationship issues outside the office or you may get in trouble. Don’t get angry at small things that happen at work. Love your work then you will feel a lot better. Even if you get angry, try to spend some time in private and make sure your anger goes off and then come back to work.


Make sure you are always punctual in your work and appropriate in doing any work. Don’t create a comfort zone in your office otherwise, you will not be creating a good impression in your office. Wearing an inappropriate dress will lead to a bad impression on you. Avoid wearing t-shirts with plenty of offensive language in it. 

Complain too much

Complaining about something critical or something you cannot do on your own is a good thing to avoid wasting time and to plan out a better way to solve it. But always complaining about everything will create a bad impression of you with your higher officials. Firstly, nobody likes a complainer. Even if you mumble about your complaints there is a greater chance that you will speak out loud that could get you in trouble. If you have any trouble In your office talk it out with your partner and get some clarification about your trouble.

Wasting time at work

Don’t spend too much time on a personal call, social media or anything else that isn’t relevant to your work. Even if you are busy with your personal life keep it separate from your work. Because there is always a higher risk of getting caught. There are means to keep track of your daily habits at work so be vigilant. The one keeping track of your activities could be your manager or co-worker so make sure you always focus on your work. Even if you are super talented in your company you don’t even know what data your company might be tracking. If you are using its network or internet they can catch you and it’ll get you in trouble.

Distracting people from their works

Don’t distract people from their works because you don’t know what their goals and you could be spoiling their objective. Just because you aren’t focused on your goals, it doesn’t mean others have to be the same as you. Revealing too much about your personal life will spoil your working progress with your team. Before knowing your co-worker’s character completely don’t share anything about your personal life. Once you start sharing about your personal life they might treat you based on your life’s problems. You may regret it finally. 

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