Tailor-made resume

Tailor-made resume

Make a guess; how long do you think a recruiter would look at your resume??
7-10 seconds on an average. That’s exactly right, all you have is only a few seconds to catch the recruiter’s attention. This might sound a bit scary! All the more reason for you to tailor-make your resume so that it fits the job description you apply for.

To tailor-make your resume so that it gets the attention it deserves, here are few pointers:

A resume that matches Job Description

This might sound basic to you! but not all resume viewed by a recruiter are not an exact match for the job description; So make sure you take advantage of this tip and utilize it to the maximum. The more your resume matches the job description the better the chances of your resume being shortlisted. A simple tip is the usage of keywords in accordance with the job description. So whenever the recruiter tries to sort the resume by the relevant keywords your resumes will have a good chance of ranking higher.
Note: The first step to sort resumes is most likely handled by AI tools where keywords play a vital role.

Quality matters more than Quantity

The AI tracking tools will automatically reject your resume if it does not have the required keywords matching for the job description. So it makes sense to work more on each of your resumes and apply for fewer jobs than to apply for more jobs with a resume that has less quality content. No matter how many jobs you apply for will not matter if most of them get rejected by AI tools for not being relevant. So invest time in each job you apply for; it’s worth it.

Catch their attention

This is the ultimate step of the process where you need to catch the recruiter’s attention by showing them your value. On top of the resume list out your technical and hard skills. Recruiters will always have few hard skills in mind when they are looking for the right candidate; placing them on the top gives you an added advantage to be noted.
Example: Let’s say you want a job role as a digital marketing manager your resume should have skills like:

  • SEO/Google Analytics
  • Facebook Ads/Google Ads

List your achievements

This is where you show off your trump cards, you need to show off your experience in your previous role by listing them. This is what helps the recruiter to identify the areas of your expertise and what are the achievements you have done in your previous role. For example: Let’s assume you are applying for the role of a marketing specialist, you might want to list out some strong examples such as:

  • Tweaked the email marketing strategy which increased the conversion rate by 10%
  • Managed social media accounts and the engagement increased by 200%

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