First impression – tips

First impression – tips

They don’t simply say “The first impression is the best impression” for nothing. The moment you enter the door your recruiter would have analyzed you by your attire, body language and how friendly you are. So the first few moments are going to be very crucial to make an impression. Here are a few tips about making your first impression to be your best:

Show Interest

As much as your recruiter is interested in knowing more about you to gauge you into hiring you; You should also show equal interest in showing your recruiter that you are passionate about the company and want to learn more about it. Recruiters will always lean towards hiring people with a positive attitude and who shows genuine interest in the company.

Prepare Well

This one is a no brainer; Which one is easier? Getting into an interview and meeting people you have no idea about or doing your research about hiring managers and meet them well prepared. The answer would be pretty obvious. You do not have to meet them in person before the interview to know about them. You could research them as to who they are and what they have accomplished for the company using the internet. Doing all this research will give you a confidence boost which will be of great help during the interview.

Attire Matters

Before you even get to talk to your recruiters you will be gauged upon your attire. Many people overlook the fact that this is one of the most important factors in giving a first good impression. You must put on a dress which is formal and appropriate for the interview. It should not be too uncomfortable for you as well, if not it will not look good on you. So select something that is comfortable and also what the company expects for the interview.

Be Confident and Humble

Your body language is something that can give a good/bad impression depending on you. This is a major factor to consider if you want to give a lasting good first impression to your recruiters. You need to be very confident about showing them how serious you want the position and also you should be humble with the way that you talk to them. The critical balance between humbleness and confidence will determine whether they will have a good impression about you or not.

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